Former Pupils

Baines School Former Pupils Association

The Association was founded in 1906 with the stated aims of …. “maintaining the connection between the School and its former pupils, promoting social intercourse among the members by organising meetings or gatherings at suitable centres, publishing and circulating a register of the names and addresses of the members and the consideration and advancement of matters of utility and interest to the School, the Association and/or its members.”

To this aim we hold an AGM and dinner each March where the President and Committee members are elected.

Events are held for members during the year and will be advertised here on the Former Pupils section of the Baines Website, along with minutes of their meetings.

We have members in all parts of the United Kingdom and on all five continents, so you never know when you’ll bump into a member of the BAINES SCHOOL FAMILY!

The secretary produces a newsletter twice a year at the end of the spring and autumn terms keeping members informed of what is happening or changing at the school

He is always happy to receive storied from Former Pupils

You can contact him via the school website at

Putting “FAO the Former Pupils Secretary” in the subject line.


To celebrate our 300th anniversary we will be having a special display in September to share Baines memories with staff, current and former pupils. For more information please download the following documents:

Introductory letter from Alison Chapman Headteacher Designate

Information for the 300th Anniversary History of Baines School Display