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Former Pupils’ Association

Baines School Former Pupils Association (FPA)

The Former Pupils Association is open to anyone who studied at Baines School. We are really proud of our Baines heritage and the diversity of pupils who studied here over the years. The Association was founded in 1906 with the stated aims of

…. “maintaining the connection between the School and its former pupils, promoting social intercourse among the members by organising meetings or gatherings at suitable centres, publishing and circulating a register of the names and addresses of the members and the consideration and advancement of matters of utility and interest to the School, the Association and/or its members.”

We have members in all parts of the United Kingdom and on all five continents, so you never know when you’ll bump into a member of the BAINES SCHOOL FAMILY!

The secretary produces a newsletter to keep members informed of what is happening or changing at the school. We are always keen to hear stories from Former Pupils, regarding their memories from school or information about their lives since leaving the school.

We have a specific email address for the Former Pupils Association and are hoping to increase communications via email. If you wish to contact us, please email us at

The FPA organises a number of social events throughout the year and is a way of staying in touch with people, meeting new friends and sharing many memories from the Baines community.

Membership of the FPA is by annual subscription (£10 per member, per year) and this covers the cost of communication and subsidises the Annual Dinner. The funding also donates a little to the school every year so that the current pupils, school and community may benefit.

Recent donations to the school have included:

  • The Nepal Trip to carry out worthy charity work in school communities in Nepal
  • Commemorative coins (every pupil in 2017 received a specially minted coin to commemorate 300 years of Baines School)
  • Photographic display of staff and governors in the main school reception
  • Preservation of the display of those who we lost in the war

Each year the FPA elects a new President and committee. They then support the developments over the following year to try to increase the membership, remember any former pupils who have sadly passed, develop social events and raise money for special projects at the school.

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Annual General Meeting Dinner 2019
Alumni Newsletter July 2020

FPA Committee 2017/18

A Chapman

M Baron

P Bamber

M Ardron, P Bamber, S Croft, G Fretwell, I Miller, P Parkinson, A Robins, D Stead, B Swire, G Denner, N Palfreyman, R Wright, J Spencer, A Roscoe, G Hill, G Thompson

Meet the President 2018 – Alison Chapman

It is my great honour to be the 2018/19 President of the FPA which is such a valued part of the Baines School legacy. I am writing to give all members an update regarding the events that have been held so far and future developments the FPA are planning. We really hope many of you will continue to be involved and others may be persuaded to join in the activities too. We are always happy for new members to join and also to suggest new social events or ways to get involved.

I must thank George Thompson for his presidency last year. He welcomed me and helped me to settle in to my first year, as did the committee. Here are some of the events since September 2017.

Current FPA Social Events

MonthlyFPA members meet for lunch on the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month
at the “Squirrel” public house on Bispham Road, Blackpool. 12.00 for 12.30 food.
Autumn eventsTen Pin Bowling
Winter eventsChristmas Lunch
Spring eventsAnnual General Meeting followed by the Annual Dinner - Saturday 2nd March 2019
(Please email if you wish to book a place)
St George's Day Dinner
Summer eventsGolf Tournament
Crown Green Bowling