Baines 5 a side – Archive

Tournament Report – 2009

The following is the player rating for the final between Hassans 11 and Wasted Talent, where the holders Wasted Talent were annihilated 5-2.

Hassans 11

Sam Morris – 8: Quality performance from Morris and always threatening going forward. Was strong in the tackle and broke up a lot of Wasted Talent’s play. Linked well with Roachy and Leechy and scored a good goal.

Michael Jarvis – 8 : Jarvis was reliable, strong and the perfect team player. Always disciplined and always working hard. Made some outstanding stops.

Tom Leech – 8 : The skilful Leech, was brilliant throughout and showed some outrageous touches and moments of brilliance. Made two goals and linked well with all the players.

Matthew Roache – 9 (STAR MAN) : Was the best player on the pitch and was excellent in all departments. Scored an absolute dream goal and deservedly so. Played his heart out and was the man of the match hands down.

Jack Parkinson – 8.5 (STAR MAN) : Scored 2 very good goals and had an excellent game. Was always a threat with his pace and took the game to Wasted Talent whenever the ball was at his feet. Top performance.

Wasted Talent

James Hebblethwaite – 6: Did not play as well as he can, but could not do much about any of the goals. Needs to be more vocal in games.

 Joe Woods – 5: Played well in the first half, but big questions were asked about his defensive capabilities in the second half. Struggled in the second half as the team was blown away.

 Jimmy Parker – 7: Start performer for Wasted Talent. Strong in the tackle and always a threat going forward. Scored Wasted Talent’s only goal. Good performance, pity the team was on a different wavelength.

 Chris Porter – 4: Usually the most reliable player for the ex-champions, but missed 2 one on ones at crucial stages of the game. Had a poor game throughout and struggled to influence the game. Disappointing stuff from the captain.

 Chris Kay – 5: Saw a lot of the ball, but wasteful in possession too many times. Usually reliable, but failed to click with his teammates throughout the game. A game to forget for Chris Kay.

 Jamie Gowdy – 4: The top scorer of the tournament was well and truly out of his depth in the final. He look flustered, tired and out of sorts. He did not got anywhere near the goal and looked a shadow of his true self. Huffed and puffed, but to no avail.